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While Israel is massacring Palestinians, @sierraclub is traveling to apartheid Israel for a "nature tour".

@BenJealous, there is no climate justice when you erase Indigenous peoples and support land theft. Your trips to Israel are shameful.
Send an email to SF School Board to Demand they NOT Reverse their Decision to Implement Eid.
Last night, Bay Area residents with the Palestine Action Network came out to tell the SF Symphony that the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra was not welcome. NO SYMPHONY FOR ISRAELI APARTHEID! #BDS @jvplive @BDSmovement @SFSymphony JVPBayArea photo
US fossil fuel multinational @Chevron is the main intl corporation extracting gas claimed by apartheid Israel in the East Med.

Let's pressure Chevron to #StopFuelingIsraeliApartheid, #ClimateCrisis, & the pillaging of Palestinian natural resources.

Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area

P.O. Box 589,  Berkeley CA 94701 USA
ph: 510-859-3706