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From Shabbat dinners, to demilitarizing Chanukah, to seders in the streets, there is so much liberatory Jewish ritual to be created and celebrated in JVP Bay Area. If you are interested in co-facilitating or leading ritual at the next Shabbat dinner (monthly), envisioning a gathering or event for a Jewish holiday, or at all interested in discussing how a radical Judaism supports our work to free Palestine, join us.

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The Education Workgroup aims to create collective learning spaces for our members and supporters. Some of the current education projects include:

  • Palestine/Israel 101 - an eight week series on the histories of Palestine/Israel, Zionism and resistance movements through current day
  • Study/Action - a multi-week co-learning, co-facilitated space for members to engage in group discussions on topics relevant to JVP’s mission
  • One-time workshops - educational sessions that include speakers, films, discussion, and more!

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The BIJOCSM Caucus is a group of Black Indigenous Jews of Color and Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews (BIJOCSM) organizing in solidarity with the movement for Palestinian liberation and in partnership with JVP.  We are focused on combating U.S., Israeli, and other state-based racisms.

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JVP-Bay Area is excited to start a new work group to develop and implement a plan to amplify our Jewish voice with local elected officials and media in support of Palestinian liberation,  against the weaponization of antisemitism, and for safety through solidarity and collective liberation.  Too often, local officials and media cater to the anti-Palestinian viewpoints of mainstream, Israel advocacy organizations, causing harm to Palestinians, Arabs, and other communities of color who stand in solidarity with them. This group works to counter that narrative.

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Legislative work is an integral part of JVP's efforts to change U.S. foreign policy.  We work both on a federal as well as state level on legislative issues relevant to ending the occupation and ending other human rights violations that Israel perpetrates on the Palestinian population.

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The Rapid Response Workgroup works in close relationship with our organizational partners around rapid response to current events. Our work includes, but is not limited to: planning actions, coordinating security, and doing community outreach.

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Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area

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