Save Arab American Studies


Save Arab American Studies and Support Arab Youth in California’s high schools

Oppose false charges of antisemitism!

JVP-Bay Area, a member of The Coalition to Save Arab American Studies, needs your help in the fight to include Arab American studies in the CA Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC). This model curriculum will boost the teaching of ethnic studies in high schools throughout California and will include Arab-American studies and sample lessons on Palestine.

For almost a year, teachers, activists, students, and community members have been urging the California Department of Education and its Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) to keep the model curriculum intact. We have been opposed at every turn by a well-funded right-wing campaign aimed specifically at eliminating the Arab American content. They have tried to brand any mention of Palestine as anti-semitic.

We all need to take action. 

See below for the actions you can take.

Those of us in JVP who are Jewish and who support Palestinian human rights and freedom have a particular obligation to raise our voices in opposition to those in the Jewish community who are using false charges of antisemitism to block the inclusion of Arab-American studies and sample lesson plans which mention Palestine.

On August 13, 2020the CA Board of Education’s Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) is meeting to consider a revised curriculum. Arab American scholars have been shut out of the revision process. We won’t get to see the specific content until August 3, but the IQC says they are using public comment to guide their revision.

They need to hear from all of us that Arab American Studies is a critical component of Ethnic Studies! And Palestine is a critical component of Arab American studies!

We need your voice! Please:

  1. Submit your Public Comment to the IQC!—Public Comment
  2. Post a“Why I Support Arab American Studies” Solidarity Selfie
  3. Sign the Petition to include Arab American studies in the ESMC
  4. If you identify as Jewish, please sign on to this support letter which will be sent to the CA Dept of Education:    Jews for the inclusion of Arab-American Studies in Ethnic Studies 
  5. Check out the coalition website for more info:

Need inspiration? Talking points, resources, and more information at

For information and talking points on why it’s so important for Jews to support Arab-American studies in the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, we recommend you read:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many organizations and individuals have stepped forward to support the ESMC and the inclusion of Arab American studies, including the National Association of Asian American Studies; Arab American Studies Association; Arab Resource Organizing Center; CAIR-California; Muslim Students Association-West; School Boards in Oakland, Albany, San Francisco, Hayward, Castro Valley, New Haven, and West Contra Costa; Daly City City Council; California Chapters of Black Lives Matter; Middle East Children’s Alliance; and QUIT

Please add your voice!

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