JVP Bay Area Work Teams

Safety for All (Stop Urban Shield/End the Deadly Exchange)

JVP-Bay Area campaigns to stop 2 deadly police exchanges: those promoted by the Anti-Defamation League between US police and Israeli military and police, and, closer to home, an international war games exposition, Urban Shield, organized by notorious Trump supporter Alameda County Sheriff Ahern.  Join us if you like: campaign planning, research, community canvassing, attending actions and rallies, and meeting with city and county elected officials

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Legislative Organizing

Legislative work is an integral part of JVP's efforts to change U.S. foreign policy.  We work both on a federal as well as local level on legislative issues relevant to ending the occupation and ending other human rights violations that Israel perpetrates on the Palestinian population. This committee aims to build power for legislative organizing to create long term change through building relationships, visiting our legislators, attending town hall meetings and educational work. Currently we are working to defeat federal anti-boycott legislation  and to pressure Israel to stop incarcerating children.  Please come join us!

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Education Committee

The Education Workgroup operates on a "hub and spokes" model.  The ongoing spokes include Study in Action, Palestine / Israel 101 six week workshop offered twice a year, film/video showings, and Welcome to JVP get-togethers.  We also encourage JVP members to share their expertise and special interests by working with us to organize "one-off" spoke activities such as a very successful Smartphone Photography for Activists workshop held recently.  Hub meetings are held periodically to coordinate the various spoke activities and brainstorm new ideas.

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Palestine Action Network

The Palestine Action Network (PAN) is a coalition of organizations and activists working on Palestine solidarity work in the SF Bay Area.  We center the leadership and participation of Palestinian and other Arab communities most impacted by Zionism and other communities most impacted by the US-Israel relationship, particularly the collaboration between the two on policing, repression, war, and militarization.  Palestine Action Network is a network of organizations and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area raising awareness on the Palestinian struggle. JVP-Bay Area is a participating organization, and we’re looking for point people to support with media, logistics, security, and programming for upcoming and future events.

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Study / Action

As a "spoke" of the Education Work Group, our team is offering a collective learning environment focused on the role of police and military in the US and in Palestine, looking through a lens of envisioning a world without these oppressive systems of control. We're planning a six-week class that includes diving into ideas and information as well as taking actions related to our theme. 

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J in JVP

From Shabbat dinners, to demilitarizing Hanukkah, to seders in the streets, there is so much liberatory Jewish ritual to be created and celebrated in JVP Bay Area. If you are interested in co-facilitating or leading ritual at the next Shabbat dinner (monthly), envisioning a gathering or event for a Jewish holiday, or at all interested in discussing how a radical Judaism supports our work to free Palestine click the link below!

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Our focus is the community we are building and growing -- how we engage and support new people and long-time members to effectively be building toward justice, equity, and freedom for Palestinians and all people.  We are working on leadership development, anti-racist and intersectional culture shifting, and trainings for our membership as we grow in the Bay Area.

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Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area

P.O. Box 589,  Berkeley CA 94701 USA 
ph: 510 465 1777 | fx: 510 465 1616